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Pre-loved Garments

Now I love clothes, I love everything about about them but only clothes that have good design and have been well constructed. Those are usually classic cuts with a tweak here and there, just to add a little bit of style.

Many of us own pieces that are still in fantastic condition, which are usually expensive and worn very little.

Making the use of each and every piece you own is a challenge, so we decided to give people the opportunity to sell those good quality pieces and allow somebody else to have some enjoyment from them.

Fast fashion is not something we do but life long fashion is, less is definitely more, with a careful eye whether it be designer or not we can usually select pieces that still have a lot of life in them. We all want to feel and look good, enjoy our garments and smile when selecting my pieces without paying over the odds in order to achieve that. It is usually designer, vintage pieces that have been cut, tailored and constructed so well that as soon as you wear them you feel alive and comfortable, to be worn over and over again. With pre-loved garments you pay reasonable prices for beautiful pieces and should you want to tweak them, we can do that to.

So we ask you to embrace our mission on recycling rather than resorting to landfill, whilst returning to good design and tailoring.