From the Owner.


July 2020

  • First & foremost If it seems like too good a deal, it usually is in that the product is so cheap that it is in fact fake.
  • When your using apps or other online platforms always ask the question is this genuine and authentic
  • Pay by Paypal, never transfer by BACS to a bank account as is advised by the seller.
  • The packaging. Is this authentic, does the product even come in packaging or packaging from another business, manufacturer.
  • Always ask for a receipt, if there is no receipt ask for closer images of the actual product, if the seller is selling a pre-loved piece they should have the product with them and be able to send you the images immediately.
  • Unfortunately, companies are now selling products under the disguise that they are gifts, so they don’t have the receipt but it comes with the packaging and tags, when in fact once you pay for the order the product will be manufactured in some remote country and shipped out.
  • Check out time for delivery, if there is a long wait time for delivery, say 2 weeks upwards for the product to arrive, it is highly likely that the piece is being manufactured by a company focused in replicating designer goods before being shipped out.
  • All products should have the designers label in the piece, however now many fake products are being manufactured with fake labels stitched in, so pay attention to the font on the label, the size of the label, compare the label to a label from a genuine product of the same brand. Attention to the details is absolutely necessary.
  • The design & finish of the product should be professional, professional means clean lines, no bleeding of colours, vibrancy of colours and print.
  • If you do fall a victim of buying counterfeit goods please use your voice, release details of the company on your social media platforms or contact businesses that are interested in knowing who these companies are, like us, so we can bear it in mind when informing our consumers.

If not now when ???!!! Let’s talk second hand.

May 2020

I have struggled to know what the right words are in these changing times. So I will try my hardest to convey the purpose & intention of SSG in light of the changing world, were witnessing before us.

As a business owner there have been many that have advised that my political beliefs should not enter into the framework of my business. Impartiality and remaining neutral is the safest bet and should be the preferred option.

I disagree, vehemently.

Whilst working in the textile industry, watching the waste was horrific & disheartening.

Fashion currently sits as the second worst industry, after oil, for polluting the planet. That is not limited to just fast fashion but the rise in fast fashion has accelerated the level of water, air & soil pollution.

Coupled with cheap labour & production of goods to ensure that profit margins are achieved, serving the public with seasonal offerings has, and continues to come at a cost.

Now, historically companies have opted to sell second hand clothing based on the luxury market, designer goods that still look in fantastic condition. Thus, if a style isn’t popular, colours not right & the brand is not there its been very difficult for businesses to sell on such items.

Thats’ up until now.

I am relieved to say that I have witnessed a thirst to re-cycle in a way never before. People no longer turn their noses up at buying second hand & actually appreciate the importance of it, voting with their feet.

So, SSG, simply offers you a choice. We understand in these difficult times. You may not or see the point in waiting for a product to sell to see the benefit of re-cycling. So, we have created a scheme whereby you can swap, trade, exchange, pieces for another of similar value on our online website & delivery will come directly from the other trader.

We will authenticate pieces and expect them to be of a certain condition, but really were more interested in the quality of fabric, that the piece still has a use, rather than what brand it is. We also want to know the details, how it fits & for which shapes its suited. The buyer & traders need to know exactly what their getting into.

My deep seated belief is that coming together as a community & promoting second hand purchases to a exciting shopping experience is achievable.

Hopefully, considering second hand will become the norm when seeking a new outfit or you just fancy treating yourself.

I have started with my own families wardrobes and urge you to do the same.