Recycle, Re-Design & Revive

Availability & Access :-

Eco Cleaners, experienced Tailors, Handbag & Leather Care Repairers.

To name a few professionals we work with ….

We understand that if a product has been sitting in your wardrobes or homes for a period of time that might need some love and attention before they will be in the condition required for re-sale or trade.

Therefore let us connect you with our army of reputable cleaners, tailors, repairers, handbag spa providers so that whatever the item may be we can consider exactly what is necessary. You may decide after the process that you wish to keep the piece. Whatever your decision the choice will be yours, what is guaranteed is that you will have a product that is capable of being used either by yourself or someone else.

Now, during these times of social distancing the service of tailoring/alteration & repairs is no longer available as it historically was. Thus we ask that you follow the measurement guideline as provided below so that you may email the precise measurements with a few images of the piece in question.

Home textiles are much easier to clean, repair & revive. Simply email in your enquiry.

No need to visit our store for a drop off, post the piece in or drop it off to one of our partners locations & we will get under way with the work involved once the fee for the service has been settled.

If your not sure simply drop us an email with your queries. We continue to operate as a business & invite you to stay involved in Elite Textile Care.